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Buy Tropical Fish Online, fish found in tropical environments around the world, including both freshwater and salt water species are refered to as tropical. Fishkeepers often use the term tropical fish to refer only to those requiring fresh water, with saltwater tropical fish referred to as marine fish.

Tropical fish are popular aquarium fish, due to their often bright coloration. In freshwater fish, this coloration typically derives from iridescence, while salt water fish are generally pigmented.

There are many varieties of this type of species many of which require a specialist aquarium set-up. As a rule you should try to keep fish from the same regions of the world together for example African Cichlids prefer hard water with an alkaline pH, such as that of lake Malawi or Tanganyika. New world Cichlids however prefer soft acidic water such as that of the amazon streams where many originate. We have many varieties of tropical fish for sale from Cichlids to Tetras.

Your selected fish will be double bagged, oxygenated and boxed then shipped using a courier who has  good knowledge of shipping live fish. Heat packs will be added when needed to ensure your new fish arrive safely. All tropical fish carry a 'Arrive Alive Guarantee'.

Aqualife2u offers its customers a hassle free method of ordering tropical fish online in the UK.

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*Next day delivery on all tropical fish when ordered before 12 noon. Delivery days for live fish Wed,Thurs,Fri and with an additional charge Sat