Pond Fish For Sale

Buy UK BRED Pondfish Online


We source our pond fish from the best suppliers in the UK meaning all our fish are British Bred (unless stated). We never buy mass imported fish which have undergone long periods of transportation often from the other side of the world. Your fish will be sent to you direct from our supplier which keeps transportation as well as the fishes stress levels to a minimum.

It is vital that you know where your pond fish have come from as there are many diseases and viruses that have been brought to this country through importation. Our supplier uses water from a fresh bore hole to fill his holding ponds and the farm is closed to the public ensuring that diseases and viruses are not introduced to the fish.

We transport your fish using a courier who has a vast knowledge of fish transportation and your fish are double bagged with pure oxygen, boxed and then dispatched. Our pond fish carry a 5 day life guarantee.

*Next day delivery on all pond fish when ordered before 12 Noon. Live fish delivery days Wed, Thurs, Fri and at additional charge Sat