Koi For Sale

Koi are one of the most popular and stunning fish that you can keep. They are the most popular species amongst fish keepers mainly due to their striking colours and wide variety. When buying Koi they are best kept in well filtered ponds or aquariums over 150 gallons as they have a rapid growth rate and can out grow a small environment over time. Koi originate from Japan descending from the Common Carp.

Carp were originally kept by the Japanese as a source of food, over time these farmers began to see slight colouration differences in the fish and kept these fish back to breed from. Eventually the farmers were able to produce wide variety of colours and so was born the Koi carp.  Koi fish are peaceful and social and live well with other pondfish species.


2015 Stock hand selected by us now in quarantine avalible soon at great prices