Tetra Tec External 1200

Tetra Tec External 1200
The Tetra Tec external 1200 filter is a robust and reliable filter which is suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres in size.


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The Tetra Tech external filters are renowned for being both effective and robust filters. They offer the fish keeper superior filtration and massive improvements in water quality compared to other traditional filter systems. They are easy to use and will improve the environment for your fish.

Features include
-Stop and start button
-Quiet operation
-Lift handle for easy movement
-Sturdy base
-Valve that stops water flow when cleaning
-Large water and media capacity
-Easy to connect hose fittings
-Complete with hoses and connectors as well as media

This filter comes complete with 4 media trays and the following media;
TetraTec CR Ceramic Filter Rings
TetraTec BF Biological Filter Foam
TetraTec BB Bio Filter Balls
TetraTec CF Carbon
TetraTec FF Filter Floss

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